Atlas Taxis Scarborough

Atlas Taxis Scarborough (or Atlas Cars which is their proper name) are a large taxi firm in the town. Their main office is located on St Thomas Street which is near the bottom of the town centre – when you reach the bottom of the pedestrianised area turn left and walk for 5 minutes, you will see the office on the left.

They offer the usual selection of cars, they have 4 seater normal cars for if you just need a quick taxi but they also do 6 seaters and 8 seaters in case you have a large group to get around Scarborough.

They are especially useful if you are on a night out in Scarborough as their office is located on St Thomas Street which is the location of many of Scarborough’s most popular bars & nightclubs. If you need a taxi and are in this place then walk up St Thomas Street away from the beach and you will see their office on the right. I have used Atlas Taxis Scarborough numerous times and I have never had an issue with them so I have no problem recommending them – they are a good choice if you are in town and want a taxi now – as their office is so close to the town centre and there are usually taxis ready to go straight away when you arrive.

Atlas Taxis Scarborough Telephone Number

If you need to book a taxi through Atlas then their phone number is 01723 369990. This is a local Scarborough number so it should be free or cheap through most mobiles and most land lines.

Company Address

Looking to visit Atlas Taxis Scarborough – or go to their office to book a taxi? Then you might need their company address, the address of their office. You can find it below: 102 St. Thomas St Scarborough North Yorkshire YO11 1DU

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